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MXP 150

Type I

MXP 170

Type I

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Type I

Mobile Stroke Unit

Type I


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EX Sprinter

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MX 164

Type III

MX 170

Type III 

MX 151

Type III

MX 152

Type III

An Industry Leader in Building Quality Ambulances

Having custom built ambulances for more than 60 years, Demers manufactures exceptional units to this day. Providing quality vehicles is Demers #1 priority, so they are committed to engineering state-of-the-art vehicles and innovative features that lead the industry.


Demers’ well-earned reputation is driven by the core values, or “Demers DNA”, that guide how they conduct themselves in the communities they serve. Demers DNA consists of the following elements:  Safety, Innovation, Quality and being a Trusted Partner.


  • Safety

    When it comes to safety, Demers ensures that every unit is tested by their qualified and dedicated team to the highest standard. Understanding what is at stake, Demers ensures the safety of your department and all of those who ride in their ambulances.


  • Innovation

    By looking at problems differently, Demers has developed new and innovative solutions that can contribute to a stronger, safer, and smarter ambulance. Demers is always looking for ways to improve work efficiency, quality of work, and worker health and safety. 


  • Quality

    The quality of materials, craftsmanship, and testing is essential in the Demers ambulance building process. Demers is ready and willing to create a unit that is perfect for your team. Because of Demers’ quality approach, their ambulances are built for long-term quality and durability. 


  • Trusted Partner

    Demers is a trusted partner that is committed to operating in a dependable manner and is focused on delivering results.  Demers’ transparent workspace allows for them to be responsible for their work and actions, solidifying their promise of being open and honest. When you buy a Demers ambulance, your team has a dependable unit and trusted partner.



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