GRAND RAPIDS, MI (April 24, 2018) — HME Inc. introduced its first new chassis in more than a decade at the FDIC International 2018.  Dubbed the AF-1™, this special edition chassis features an innovative cab design, full cockpit touch-screen controls, and single-piece, wrap-around windshield for enhanced visibility.  The AF-1 name aligns with the original Ahrens-Fox model numbering conventions, started in 1915.  While the name pays homage to firefighting history, the new AF-1 chassis showcases the latest technologies, next-generation exterior styling and full-cockpit touch-screen controls accessible by driver and officer.

HME Inc. acquired rights to the Ahrens-Fox brand in 2000 to preserve the classic American Fire Truck manufacturer’s legacy.

“We felt strongly that the Ahrens-Fox brand epitomized American ingenuity and quality,” said HME’s Vice President of Sales Bill Doebler. “We wanted to ensure that the Ahrens-Fox name wasn’t going to be lost to time like so many other greats in the fire industry. We took full ownership of the brand in 2015 to guarantee the continuation of an irreplaceable part of American firefighting history. With the introduction of our next-generation cab design, touch-screen console, and our Ahrens-Fox Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump, we felt this model should wear the iconic Ahrens-Fox badge.

”The new Ahrens-Fox cab exterior projects a distinct departure from traditional designs with the integration of globally-influenced elements, including an innovative head-light cluster, dramatic grille styling, integrated windshield wipers, and a sleek front-face radius that dramatically changes the cab’s overall look and presentation. “We have taken some cues from performance vehicles from the around the world,” said Ken Lenz, HME Ahrens-Fox vice president of engineering. “We maintained design continuity with our past so that the new look remains distinctly ours and distinctly American. We didn’t want to just borrow style, we wanted to create a fire apparatus that would immediately be identified as a new generation of Ahrens-Fox.”