Phoenix FD Demers MXP Ambulances (15)

Many thanks to the wonderful team at the Phoenix Fire Department for their confidence in Demers and RedSky.  The department now has 15 Demers MXP150 Type I ambulances on Dodge 4500 chassis on duty throughout the city.  Demers customized the configuration for Phoenix’s exacting needs, including a custom ALS, a “Phoenix climate control package”, two individual seats and work station on the curbside, and lots of exterior storage for equipment.

Ambulance Delivery

08/2017 (5) and 04/2016 (10)
Phoenix Fire Department
Phoenix, AZ
MXP150 Type I Ambulance
Chassis Make & Model
Dodge 4500 4×2
Liquid Spring suspension, 72” interior headroom, full height ss rear compartment with interior, Whelen warning and scene lights, Stryker PowerLoad cot retention system, Auxiliary AC system, auxiliary Coleman RV AC system, aluminum interior cabinets, separate exterior battery compartment door, two EVS seats IPO squad bench, streetside work station, multiplex electrical system