GRAND RAPIDS, MI — HME Ahrens-Fox recently released its new Ahrens-Fox WUI™ (Wildland Urban Interface) at the 2018 FDIC, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company has positioned this wildland and urban interface fire apparatus as a platform that efficiently merges the capability and functionality of its Type-3 Wildland with its Type-1 Interface apparatus.

The unit:

  • Merges Type-3 Wildland and Type-1 Interface design and functionality
  • Introduces patent-pending Distributed Water System™
  • Incorporates Glass Screen Technology™ Pump controls
  • Features proven HME Ahrens-Fox SFO® Custom Chassis developed specifically for rugged wildland and interface applications
  • MDFD-XL Cab enhances crew comfort
  • Incorporates extreme off-road lighting packages

For more information on the WUI, visit Fire Apparatus Magazine.