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Smeal Fire Apparatus is a very well-known name and has a built a reputation for delivering strong quality, solid construction and great value. Smeal manufactures a full apparatus line including custom and commercial pumpers, aerial ladders and platforms, minipumpers, quick attack units and specialty vehicles. Their apparatus are available with a variety of custom and commercial chassis, depending on preference.

Dig Into the Details and See What Smeal is All About
Despite the fact that Smeal is one of the largest fire truck builders in the U.S., they’ve always maintained an almost humble approach to what they do.  A small-town, family-owned business that has fire trucks in some of the largest fire departments in the country, and lots of places in between.

Smeal is all about building fire trucks that deliver performance and reliability. Their people do great work, because they really couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. For example, their QL-12 electrical system is rock solid with next generation plug-style connections and excellent reliability, the main feature everyone wants in their fire truck’s electrical system.

Smeal is all about aerials. They have one of the most tenured names in the aerial business.  They use structural materials that are lighter and stronger — only 100,000 PSI yield strength steel tubing and A606 Type 4 certified steel ladder rungs — because when it comes to aerials, there’s just no substitute for strength.

Charlotte FD in North Carolina has ordered more than 75 Smeal apparatus for their front line and reserve fleets.

Charlotte FD in North Carolina has ordered more than 75 Smeal apparatus for their front line and reserve fleets.

They build steel aerials at almost every length. That includes ladders from 55’ to 125’, UT 100, 100’ Mid Mount, 100’ Super Heavy Duty, and, of course, their tiller.

Smeal is all about offering a great selection of apparatus, whether a commercial or custom pumper, 125′ aerial ladder, or wildlands and urban interface vehicles, you’ll find lots of choice here.

Smeal is all about ensuring a great value for your investment.

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Apparatus / Ambo Drawings

Apparatus / Ambo Drawings

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