In 2014, Smeal Fire Apparatus purchased LTI Aerials and named the company Ladder Tower Co.   The LTC aerial product line is ideally designed and manufactured for years of reliable, robust performance and reach.

With a history of performance, the LTC aerial line offers exceptional performance, reach and partic

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ularly noteworthy mid-mount and tiller designs. Whether it’s tip loads, overall strength, walkway design, maneuverability or reach, there are plenty of reasons to select an LTC ladder, platform, tiller or boom-ladder.

Departments with demanding aerial applications and high-run profiles tend to gravitate toward LTC aerials. Built to last for years of heavy use, these aerials offer strength, excellent work areas, and lots of storage that’s tightly packaged.

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LTC still manufactures aerials in Ephrata, Penn., with a team of experienced craftspeople, exactly where all LTC aerials have been built for decades. This consistency has maintained quality and integrity of design through a series of ownership changes, most recently when LTC became part of the Smeal  family.

Whether it’s tons of ground ladder storage on the most compact tiller design in the industry, wide ladder walkways, large work platforms or “down-and-out” outrigger designs, you’ll find all the performance features that make LTC aerials so popular.