Marque ambulances feature a fully welded module cage.

Fully Welded, Cage Module Design: When a Marque ambulance rolls on a call, time is of the essence and lives are on the line. Because of this, every Marque body is fully welded and features a self-supporting cage design. This proprietary design provides superior strength and protection in the event of a rollover.   This is in counterpoint to a number of ambulance manufacturers who choose to use a combination of welding, gluing and taping for manufacturing efficiency reasons.

Slotted extrusions for joining roofs and walls result in superior strength and leak free roofs.

Roof Construction:  Marque’s roof construction is considered exceptionally heavy duty and provides for a roof with substantially enhanced structural and safety performance.  The roof structure is able to hold four times the weight of the completed ambulance on the roof and still meet all the requirements of AMD 001 Static Load Test.  Marque’s roof is constructed using 4″ x 4″ x .125″ formed aluminum channels placed laterally and set at approximately 12″ between roof bows to provide for superior strength and structural integrity.

Single-piece, aluminum side wall skins provide a distinctive, “clean”, smooth, final finish.  A single .125″ smooth aluminum “skin” is attached to the structural elements by intermittent fillet welding along the vertical tubes.  A thick side wall skin is used for durability and safety.  The welding acts to keep the material in place and reduce heat warp, burn marks and the need for filler or “bondo” on its outside face.  In addition, a fillet bead of structural adhesive is applied full height on each side of the vertical tubes to further bond the skin to the structure and provide sound attenuation.  This is because there is no warpage or burn marks from welding a multi-piece side skin, and no use of fillers or “bondo” is needed to achieve the smooth finish you see when you look along the side of a Marque module.

Single-piece side wall skins provide for a smooth, weld-free finish.

Exclusive sidewall backers and side impact beams provide superior safety for crew and passengers in the event of a collision strength and protection for attendants and patients alike. Approximately 16″ above floor level, “C” channel section side impact beams are welded into the sidewall structure on each side, full width on the curbside and between the exterior compartments on the streetside.  These impact beams consist of an 6″ wide x 2″ thick aluminum “C” channel section manufactured of .187″ aluminum with an second sheet of .187″ aluminum welded into the flat surface of the section, forming a total thickness of .375″ aluminum plate.  The 2″ x 2″ structural uprights are welded into the impact beam assembly top and bottom forming a contiguous wall structure.

Extruded/pan-formed hybrid doors combine the visual appeal of no-seam appearance with the benefits of reduced maintenance and unmatched durability.

Marque builds its ambulances for a lifetime of service, and their warranties are among the best in the industry:

  • 3-year / 36,000 mile general conversion warranty
  • 7-year warranty on paint
  • 10-year warranty on electrical
  • 20-year structural warranty

Apparatus / Ambo Drawings

Apparatus / Ambo Drawings

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